Monday, March 21, 2011

Usually, I don't like homework, but...

Today, mom let me do my homework on the balcony! Homework isn't so bad when you can do it outside with Girl Scout cookies and a frappuccino from Starbuck's! I'm so excited that it's spring and to see warm weather! Over the weekend, Eli took some pictures of me and Elyssa outside. We got a new Playmobil set and took it outside to play in the sun. I'll ask Eli to upload them when he gets home. He's at the doctor right now. They're scheduling his brain surgery today. I'd be scared, but Eli isn't. He says he'll be glad to get rid of the headaches and the dizziness.

Mom says we're having a family meeting when dad gets home from work. I'm a little worried. Usually, family meetings mean one of us is in trouble, either because we caused it or because of our LFS. Elyssa is being really nice and trying to distract me. We are going outside to play right now. I still have to rest a lot and take it easy, but we have a big swing in the yard. It's big enough for all three of us kids and mom and dad! Elyssa said she'll do all the swinging, so I can just relax. I'm probably going to start re-reading Rodrick Rules before I go see the movie. Elyssa's into a different book series right now, but mom says she's not supposed to be reading it. It's about vampires. She sneaks and reads them. She borrows them from her friend, who's 13. Mom says they're for high school kids and older though. Maybe that's why we're having the meeting. I bet mom found those books under Elyssa's mattress.


  1. Salut, Taylor!
    Girl Scout cookies...yum! Those are one American treat that I like. The Thin Mints are my favorite. your sister reading the Twilight series? I have no idea why it's so popular. Lilly loves it, but Lilly loves all YA fiction, especially Pretty Little Liars and the Immortals series. Me, I prefer to read things that are sad, humorous, or French.

  2. She's reading Vampire Academy, actually. She loved Twilight too though. I don't get it. I like Harry Potter and Wimpy Kid way better!