Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sweet and Sour

This is my new nickname for my sister. Sometimes she can be really, really sweet. And other times, REALLY sour. Mom says it's because she's becoming a teenager. Elyssa and Elijah will be 13 on April 10th. I don't think I'll act as crazy as she does when I become a teenager though. Last night, she spent an hour and a half in the bathroom washing and fixing her hair. There wasn't any hot water left for me! I asked her why she wanted to fix her hair before going to sleep, and she said it was just in case she met a cute boy in her dreams. *gag* Before she went all hair and boy crazy last night, she made brownies for me and Eli. She made a whole batch just for the two of us and another for mom and dad. They were really good! She also said she's giving up bread because of all the carbs. She didn't eat any of the brownies she made. Me and Eli have a bet on how long that will last though. Next time mom makes waffles, Elyssa will give in for sure. They're her favorite food. Eli says she'll give in before the weekend and eat a brownie, but I think she'll last a little longer than that, unless mom makes waffles.

Elyssa also had a really good suggestion to break up our on going Battle of the Breeds, as dad likes to call it. She said we should get a dog from the shelter because they need good homes. Me and Eli thought that was a great idea, so we all agreed to get our pet from the shelter. I hope we get to go soon, but mom said we probably can't go this weekend after all. I'm actually in the hospital. The fever came back late last night, and I did not feel well at all this morning. I didn't tell mom because she was already really worried about Eli's appointment with the neurosurgeon, but grandma noticed as soon as she got to our house. I hugged her, and she made me go lay down on the couch. When she took my temperature, it was 103 degrees! She called mom and dad and took me straight to the hospital. Elyssa was still sleeping. We kind of forgot to tell her, and she freaked out when she woke up. At the hospital, they did a blood count to see how many blood cells and platelets I have, and my white blood cell count was really low. Now I'm hooked up to an IV getting antibiotics. I guess now will be a good time to catch up on my homework! I think I'll start with math and work on that until dad and grandma come to visit. Dad said he will bring me some frozen yogurt! I asked him to get red velvet cake flavored yogurt and put some of Elyssa's brownies on top! Yummy!

Over all, my day has kind of been like my sister. Sweet and sour. Grandma brought my goodies to the hospital. She really does bring the best presents! I got a new dress for my American Girl Samantha doll, a box of fancy truffles, and a new hat that grandma made. Plus, dad and grandma are bringing frozen yogurt. All of that pretty much makes up for how much the fever sucks. It's down to 100 now though. I bet the frozen yogurt helps even more!


  1. Haha, yes, we teenagers do get that way. Mère was dreading the day that Sandrine and I turned 13 (we're 14 now, though) because our brother is four years older than us and has opened my mom up to the world of drama. Mère has her reasons for despising teenagers, and I one heard her mumble something about "you know you're old when you have all teenage children..."
    Anyway, I'm glad that your fever has gone down. Get well soon, and enjoy those truffles for me. I'm hoping they are French. :)

  2. Sorry to hear that you're in the hospital. Hope you feel better soon.

    You know, based on this blog entry, we took a vote between our sisters about who is "sweet and sour." ALL of us got nominated except Charissa and Evelyn. So basically, all of us who are over age ten. I guess there's something to that teenager thing...

    The Green Girls

  3. Thanks for the well wishes! Sabine, I'm not sure where my grandma got the truffles, but they are from Europe! She just got back from a two week trip to Madrid, Rome, Paris, and London.

    Teenagers! Bah! Elyssa came to visit me tonight and brought make up! She said my skin looks terrible! Still open to trading Elyssa for some of the younger Green Girls! :P

  4. Just to warn you, the youngest Greens may not be sweet and sour... but they're definitely sweet and hyper. They're basically good kids but beware, they WILL bug you sometimes.


  5. Awww Tay! I hope you're feeling better! I guess it's better to go to the hospital and get it taken care of sooner rather than later.

    And a puppy from a shelter? That is so great! Do you think you could write my mom a letter telling her she should get a pet? :) I bet you could convince her!

  6. Yup! Elyssa is still preening and talking about how it was all her wonderful idea. Like I said, sweet and sour. Sweet of her to want a shelter puppy, but all the preening is kinda sour. She sure thinks highly of herself sometimes. :P

  7. Ha! If you want to meet sweet and sour, you should meet Josefina! My mom calls her a diva. She won't even share her clothes!

    I can't wait to see pictures of the puppy once you get him or her!