Friday, March 4, 2011

Interesting day today

I had to get chemo today and have an x-ray to make sure the tumor in my leg is shrinking. Mom let me get a new book to read while I waited. I decided to get the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, The Ugly Truth. I like it a lot so far. Greg Heffley does some of the dumbest things, and it always makes me laugh! He reminds me of my brother sometimes. My brother sometimes tries to trick me into doing things for him like Greg tries to trick his friend Rowley, but I'm not dumb. I don't fall for it like Rowley. Maybe I will watch the movie again tonight. I got it for Christmas, and I've watched it a million times, but I still love it!

Once I went back to the infusion room, the room where everyone sits while they get their medicine, Elijah waited with me while the doctor was talking to mom and Elyssa. He was kind of grumpy though because he had a headache. They called me back before mom and Elyssa were finished, so Eli went with me to have my port (where the chemo goes in) accessed. Then, the craziest thing happened! When they poked my port with the needle to check my line, Eli passed out! That's never happened before! Eli's had more chemo than me, and he never passed out because of a little needle prick before. It doesn't even hurt, and he knows that, but he still passed out! Elyssa laughed at him when she found out. I did too, after I knew he was okay, but mom was really upset. She made him go to the emergency room, even though there were a bunch of doctors right there that all said he didn't hit his head that hard. Trust me, his head can take a harder hit! It's really hard! I know Elyssa has hit him harder than the bump he got today. But, mom freaked out anyway. Turns out, it was a good thing that he passed out because of the needle. When they checked his head in the ER, they found a tiny tumor on his brain. Now, he has to go see our doctor to see if he has cancer again. I really hope he doesn't. Mine came back this winter and Elyssa has only been in remission since last July. Eli has been in remission for three years.

The good news is the tumor in my leg is shrinking. I might have to have surgery soon to take it out, but we have to wait until the bone heals more from when it broke a few weeks ago. I was rough housing with Eli and it just popped. Mom says the sarcoma made my leg weak. Now, Eli doesn't play rough because he knows it will hurt more if I hit him with my crutches.

Mom said me and Eli could have whatever we wanted for dinner tonight, but I didn't feel like eating. The cisplatin that I got through my port today makes everything taste like metal. Blechh. Eli always takes advantage when mom says we can have whatever we want. He ate Cool Ranch Doritos and about 30 mini powdered doughnuts. He eats so unhealthy when mom lets him pick what he wants. I'm kind of hungry now though. Maybe she will let me have an ice cream sandwich. Hey, at least I'm having some dairy, right? *evil grin*


  1. Eww, it makes things taste like metal? :( I guess that it's worth it though! Good luck with your treatments. :)

    Mom and I read the first 3 Wimpy Kid books together. They make me laugh!

  2. Salut, Taylor!
    Good luck with your treatments- I'm sending positive thoughts your way! Lilly says "hi" and "good luck", too. (Lilly very much enjoys your blog, by the way.)
    I have yet to see or read the Diary of a Wimpy kid, but a few of the Americans have. Lilly died laughing at the lock-in scene, especially when they were taking the photos. If the books are anything like the Aurélie Laflamme books, I may read them.

  3. Reagan, it makes meat taste especially weird. I'm thinking about being a vegetarian until I'm finished with the cisplatin. Blech!

    Sabine, you should try them! They're really funny! I don't think I've gotten to the lock in part yet, but I'll keep an eye out for it! :)

  4. Oh, and tell Lilly thanks for reading! :D

  5. I feel bad about your tumors in your leg. :(

  6. I like your rationalization... of course you are getting a dairy. LOL. If only this worked every day :P Cate says hi, but her wordpress account wouldn't let her log in. We hope your brother doesn't have a recurrence. Oh, and if your brother has an MRI for his brain I sympathize, because the machine is really annoying. Cate says she's never had one. Lucky.

  7. Hi, Harper! I wish it worked every day too! Tell Cate hi for me! My mom is already making phone calls this morning to try to find out if his cancer is back. No news for Eli yet, but Elyssa's blood test was normal. Still in remission! :-)

  8. I'm glad Elyssa is still in remission!

    Sounds like the meds make you strongly consider being a vegetarian huh? Yucky metal tasting meat...