Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A surprise, a new wig, and pics galore!

Here are some pics Eli took of me and Elyssa playing outside. What do you think of my blonde wig? I think I like the red better! Mom says I can get a brown or black one to try out too. I'm having fun trying different wigs. Eli started calling me a chameleon.

Me and Elyssa with our new Playmobil set

Me and Elyssa on the driveway



And, now, for the surprise I mentioned a couple days ago! Our puppy is here! We haven't picked out a name yet, but here are a few pictures!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! I'm adding more pictures! Our friend Iliana came over to visit today!

Playing Dominoes

Playing Barrel of Monkeys


Elyssa, Me, Iliana


  1. Salut again, Taylor!
    Personally, I like your red wig, but I'm a redhead myself, so I'm very biased. ;) You look very pretty blonde, though, too! I'd have way too much fun trying out different wigs.
    You and Elyssa look like you're having fun...I love your new Playmobile set.

  2. Merci, Sabine! My sister likes the blonde, but my brother likes the red. I like being able to change my hair color every day! ;)

  3. I personally like the red, but it must be fun to have different ones! And maybe your mom would let you get something like blue, or green, too!

  4. I want hot pink, like the streak in Iliana's hair, but mom says natural hair colors only. She did say Iliana's hair is cool, though, so maybe I'll be able to persuade her eventually.

  5. Congratulations on your puppy. He/she (is it a boy puppy or a girl puppy?) is adorable.

    We like both wigs. It's cool that you can have them to alternate and have hair of whatever colour you feel like for the day.

    It's cool to see Elyssa, too. I'm not sure we've ever seen her photo before.

    The Green Girls

  6. He's a boy! We still haven't decided on a name though. We keep calling him Buddy.

  7. Wow Tay, a puppy! He's so adorable. :D You must be so pumped. Are you his favorite human? My mom said sometimes dogs seem to cling to a specific person. :)

    Love the new hair btw. :D

  8. I don't think he's settled on a favorite human yet. I keep trying to bribe him with treats though!

  9. Good plan. :) Playing helps too :D