Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Hi, everyone! I'm feeling much, much better today! Still coughing a bit, but no fever! I'm still in the hospital, but the doctor says I might get to go home on Saturday. I'm kind of glad I'm still at the hospital today, though, because my entire breakfast was green in honor of St. Paddy's Day! I had green oatmeal, green scrambled eggs, and green juice. It tasted like apple juice, but it was lime green! It was the most fun breakfast I've had in awhile. I'm really glad they didn't serve green Jello. I hate green Jello! I wonder if my lunch will be green too...

I got to talk to Eli and Elyssa this morning. Elyssa baked green, shamrock shaped cookies for St. Paddy's Day. Mom is going to bring one in to me when she visits this afternoon, if Eli doesn't eat them all first. Eli said he helped, but Elyssa said he just kept eating the dough before she could cut it with the cookie cutter.

Oh! I almost forgot the good news! I got my cast off yesterday! I have to go to physical therapy now to try to build up some strength in my leg before surgery. My first day is supposed to be today, but it will be a short session because I still get tired very easy.

Luck o' the Irish be with you all!


  1. Hey Taylor! I'm glad you are getting better and you got your cast off! I've never had a cast but Harper has and she said it felt great to get it off.

    I'm Irish too, but I forgot to wear green today. Whoops. I'm not even sure I own ANY green clothes!

  2. Thanks, Cate! It did feel really good to take the cast off! I took a long, hot shower and scrubbed my foot and leg after it came off.

  3. Bonjour, Taylor!
    I'm glad you're feeling better. It must have been great to finally get your cast removed. Having broken my arm before (BAD bike accident), I know firsthand how annoying casts can be.
    I didn't do anything to celebrate yesterday, but Lilly went all out...