Friday, July 8, 2011

Birthday Pictures!

My birthday was on Sunday, but last night I got to have my party with my friends! It was so much fun! Eli isn't coming home from the hospital for awhile, so my grandparents are still with us. Since they are helping, Mom let me have a slumber party! I'd never had a slumber party before. I invited Sarah (my bestie), Mia, and Sonali from my class plus Sonali's best friend, Chrissa from one of the other classes. Sarah didn't get to come though because her family was leaving for vacation. I missed her, but it was a great party! We put on our pajamas first thing and then had dinner. Here are some pictures. The first ones were on my actual birthday.

Me in the dress my grandparents bought me

Me with Elyssa

Hanging out in my room

Yummy food!

Me, next to my birthday food

Eating with my friends

Cake! My grandma made it from scratch!

Hanging out before bed

Elyssa took this one of all of us sleeping

What a great day! I hope I get to have another slumber party really soon! 


  1. Great pictures, and looks like it was a fun party!

    Slumber parties are so great. (We had one a couple of months ago for Bree's birthday, and it was a blast.) We're glad you had a nice time.

    Hopefully Eli will feel better soon.

    The Green Girls

  2. Wow, your birthday party looks like it was fantastic! I love slumber parties, especially with my closest friends. You look very pretty in your new dress, and your cake looks delicious.
    Joyeux anniversaire!

  3. Awesome party .. it is great that you were able to have your friends over to share your birthday .. so glad that you got to do this .. and we love your new dress .. it is sooooo cute ..


  4. Hi Taylor! I'm Lucy! Happy (late) birthday! Looks like you had a wonderful time. =) Slumber parties are the best! I like your new dress, too.

  5. Thanks, everyone! It really was tons of fun! Welcome to my blog, Lucy!