Friday, June 3, 2011

The Henley house has been busy!

Hi, everyone! Sorry I haven't written in a while. We have been so busy! Eli finally got to come home from the hospital, but he still needs lots of help. He can't be out of bed very much, so everyone has to help him do things. I don't mind though because I am so glad that he's home. Elyssa is glad he's home too. She helps him with his homework every night when she gets home from dance practice. She's been feeling great and is dancing better than ever. I've been feeling pretty good lately too. So good that mom let me go back to school for the last two weeks! It was so much fun to see my friends and my teacher again! I was even glad to listen to the history lesson! My teacher is way more interesting than the textbook I had to read from at home. My favorite subject is science though. Mom lets me do some experiments at home, but the ones at school are so much better! Today was our last day though. I'm going to miss my friends!

Here I am on the last day:

With my friends Mia and Sonali:

Mia and Sonali:


Us again:

How about you guys? How is everyone doing? I hope everyone finished up their school year well!

Edit: We also have a surprise coming in two weeks! I can't wait to share it with you! :)


  1. Bonsoir, Taylor!
    Today was our last day, too. Lilly was bouncing off the walls...literally. She is looking forward to her bio class next year.
    My last day went well. It was somewhat boring with all the movies we watched, but it was peaceful...
    ...until Lilly found Micki.

  2. I can't wait to take bio! I love science! But, we don't get to take specialized science classes until high school, and next year, I'll only be in 5th grade.

  3. Yay, congratulations! Glad to hear you're feeling better, and got to go to school. It's also good to hear that your brother is recovering and your sister is doing so well.

    Things have been busy here. All of us are finishing up school; we don't all go to the same school obviously, but we'll all be done by next Friday. That means lots of exams and projects, of course.

    Also, Josefina has been working hard to finish up the final issue of the school paper, and Kaya and Fiona had performances of their end-of-year dance recital the last two days.

    So yeah, busy but fun.

    It's great to see you again, Taylor.

    The Green Girls