Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hanging out with Lanie

Hi, everyone! My mom's friend came to visit, and she brought a girl named Lanie with her! Lanie is the same age as me! We had so much fun! First, we went to Build-A-Bear Workshop! Lanie had never been to one before, so she helped me make a new friend. Then, we went to the toy store. Our mom really like Monster High, so we had to look at them. Then we had frozen yogurt! It was so yummy! I ate too much.

Here we are with my new friend Pink Hello Kitty:

Kitty is very silly:

Hey, Mom, I need this chair!

Making Kitty a birth certificate

Riding in the basket at the toy store

Mom got a new Ghoulia! We're sitting on her!

Waiting for some frozen yogurt!

I had so much trouble picking toppings!

Eating with Lanie

Was it ever yummy!

I hope I can visit with Lanie again soon! It was so much fun visiting with her while the grown-ups talked!


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! PS: I love what you've done with you hair, it looks like you!

  2. Looks like a whole lot of fun. Glad you ladies had a good time. :-)

    Thanks for sharing your pics. (The frozen yogurt looks delicious.)

    The Green Girls

  3. It looks like you girls had a fun time! Frozen yogurt sounds great right now; it's been so hot here.

  4. Sounds like you guys had an awesome time! I am totally craving some frozen yogurt right now.
    By the way, I am LOVING your background. Hello Kitty is rad. (:


  5. We love Build A Bear too! Sounds like you had a great time!

  6. So lucky!!! A hello Kitty couch (or 3) would be great for my sisters and I to sit on.