Monday, April 4, 2011

Quick hello

Hi, everyone!

Sorry it's been so long and that I still haven't posted any wig pics! My family has been pretty sick lately. Elyssa caught a cold at school, so of course, the rest of us caught the cold too. Mom, Dad, and Elyssa are better, but me and Eli have ear infections now. Eli's is only the left ear, but I have a double ear infection. They are no fun! :( I will try to post a comparison of all my wigs really soon. Thank you all for your nice comments! :) I love reading them! As soon as we are all better, Eli is scheduled for surgery. It was supposed to be tomorrow, but the doctors want to wait until we are all well. I'm really nervous for him. They're going to cut open his brain! I have had surgeries on my leg, but it would be really scary to have surgery on my brain. He's not worried though. Eli is so brave! I just love him! He says he wants them to give him a mohawk when they shave his head for the surgery. Mom would probably have a cow, but the doc seemed into it. The neurosurgeon is really cool. He has red tips on his spiky hair!


  1. Hey, Tay! It's me, Lilly, Sabine's friend.
    Neurosurgeons in general are cool. That's what I want to be. Always have. :)
    I hope Eli's surgery goes well. Keep us updated!
    Ear infections...blech. Those are never fun. I hope you get better!
    Lilly <3

  2. Hi, Lilly! So cool that you have your own blog now! :)

  3. Glad to see you again, Taylor. Sorry to hear you all got sick. That's not cool.

    Best wishes to Eli for his surgery. The mohawk sounds like a great idea. Yay for cool and non-stereotypical doctors.

    The Green Girls